TEVa sandals come apart!

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I have teva sandlas that are shrinking - yes shrinking! Apparently they do not hold to warm climates in south Florida.

I called them and offered to send them pics as it is very obvious what is happening ... BUT they insist on them being sent in ....

and when asked what the remedy would be they say they will only replace them. Tell me Teva, why would I want another pair of poorly made sandals to wear?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Teva Sandals.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Tevas fall apart in warm climates

Port Townsend, Washington
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On 8 July, 2016, I phoned and then Emailed TEVA with a photo of my TEVA sandals with the soles falling off . I received a reply saying that they received my message.

After waiting several weeks, I phoned them on August 1st. They located my file and asked me to send them the faulty sandals and said they were working on it and would get back to me. 2 weeks later I phoned again. He said they did not receive my faulty sandals.

I emailed them a copy of the USPS ticket showing the sandals arrived at their office on August 5th. Hearing nothing for 2 more weeks, I phone again in late August, and again in early September. I was told they were "working on it". No action.

I phoned again in early August and they requested that I send them the USPA tracking number (which was on the USPS ticket I emailed earlier) and the "RA number".

I did this, and also re-sent the USPS [proof of delivery. It is now October 12th, and I STILL have not heard from TEVA.

Lesson learned: If you want good shoes from a company with good customer service, DO NOT BUY TEVA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Teva Sandals.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Tevas are not what they used to be!

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I love my Tevas! I've got Chacos and Born sandals but my Tevas are the most comfortable!

However, I'm becoming disatisfied with their quality as over the last couple of years they have not held up to the outdoor activities. Last year I sent 2 pairs back to the company that had broken and never heard a word back from them. Lost the sandals with absolutely not response! Currently, I have another pair where the sole has come unglued.

These sandals are supposed to withstand active outdoor wear, wet and dry--yet mine are NOT! I have tried to email the company, with no success!

Product or Service Mentioned: Teva Sandals.


Grants Pass, Oregon, United States #1033138

I totally agree. I have used my Tevas about 30 days and both rear strap supports have come unglued on one sandal, and one rear support on the other sandal.

In addition the rubber is coming loose from the straps too.

There is very little ware otherwise and these sandals should last for years! On my last pair I wore out the souls and had to retire them, but not any more!


As I recall when I bought my Teradactyls about ten years ago, they were guaranteed for life. What happened?

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